Untuk semua siswa dari sekolah-sekolah yang berpartisipasi dalam “Home and School Energy Champion 2012” yuk ikut   ARCHITECTURE COMPETITION !!

Competition Deadline:  30th of August2012 before 6 pm.

Participants: All the schools participating in the competition


Mockups/design of Energy Efficient Home

The challenge:

The Architectural Challenge is designed for a team that won’t exceed of 5 students. The competition challenges the team to make a design for their home/school to be more energy efficient. The team will make simple mockups of their design to be presented to public. However, simple drawings about the design of energy efficient home are allowed. The team can use any material for the mockups (Lego toys, board, duplex, etc.).

Rules and Prerequisites

1. The challenge is for students only (elementary, junior high or high school students)

2. The challenge is open for any student enrolled in Jakarta and Greater Jakarta area

3. Each team is allowed to submit only one design

4. The design is an original work and never been submitted to other competition

5. There should not be any marks or form of identification in the mockups/design

6. Maximum size of the mockup’s platform board is 1m x 1m.

7. The participant must submit photos of mockup or scan of the design, together with proposal explaining the design, copy of the student ID, and bio data to Competition Secretariat’s email:

8. The selection consists of two phases. The first phase is to shortlist the mockups/design. Shortlisted teams will receive notification for second phase of selection.

8. On the second phase, the shortlisted participants must present their works in front of public and jury. The place for the presentation will be prepared by the Competition Secretariat. In the presentation, the team must be able to explain why their architectural design is energy efficient and why it is good for them.

9. The jury will take their decision upon:

a. Design and Energy Efficient Features

b. Team Presentation of the mockups

10. The Competition Secretariat will have the right to copy, publish and distribute the designfor official use

11. The presentation of the mockups/design will have the possibility to be published in the Secretariat Media Partner.

12. The judges will be professionals in architecture and energy efficiency and their decision will be final and irrevocable.


Please submit the picture of you final mockups or the scanned version of the design together with:

(1)    Proposal of the design which explainfollowing components:

  1. Background and objective
  2. Material used in the mockups
  3. Energy Efficient features/design

The proposal is sent in doc/docx format. There should not be any form of identification in the proposal. The name and identification is written in separate file.

(2)    Scanned copy of the Student ID Card

(3)    Bio data of team members.

Full name of member and Age

Willy Wonka (16)

Charlie Factory (17)

Alice Wonder Land (16)

School Origin

Oompa School

Contact Name

Willy Wonka

Email and Ph. Number, +62816666000

All files and pictures are compiled in one ZIP folder and sent to Competition Secretariat’s email .

The Competition Secretariat must receive the softcopy ofdesign before16th of August 2012 (6 pm). The Secretariat will reject any designl that arrives after the deadline.

The Competition Secretariat will announce the shortlisted participants on 30th of August 2012 at the latest.


Theprizesfor thiscompetitionare:

1st prize: Rp 6.000.000,00

2nd prize: Rp 4.000.000,00

3rd prize: Rp 2.000.000,00


For further information about the challenge, kindly email to


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