Untuk semua siswa dari sekolah-sekolah yang berpartisipasi dalam “Home and School Energy Champion 2012” yuk ikut  Video Competition !!!

Theme : Energy Efficiency to Save Future Generation

Competition Deadline : 21st of June 2012 before 6 pm.


Deliverable :

1 video related with the theme

1 copy of scenario


The challenge:

The participants are challenged to express their thoughts on energy efficiency through video recording. The participants are expected to elaborate a concept, screenplay, instruction, to shoot, edit and add music, text and speech.


The Video Challenge is a team based challenge. The team consists of 5 students maximum. The video can be produced as a documentary, promotional spot or testimonial but must related to the theme which is “Energy Efficiency to Save Future Generation”. The best video is expected to inspire and motivate the viewer towards taking actions for a more effective use of energy. If any data is displayed on the video must be from a reliable source. The participants can freely choose Bahasa Indonesia or English as speaking language in the video, but using English would be an advantage.




Rules and Prerequisites

1. The Video Challenge is for students only (elementary, junior high or high school students)

2. The challenge is open for any student enrolled in Jakarta and Greater Jakarta area

3. A team consists of a maximum of 5 students and is only able to submit one video

4. The video duration should not exceed 5 minutes

5. The Competition Secretariat will have the right to copy, publish and distribute the video for official use

6. The winner’s video will have the possibility to be published in the Secretariat Media Partner.

7. The studentsare allowed to use known music or songs. However, the student must respect the copyright of the music by reporting the title and songwriter/singer of the music they use.

8. The jury will select the first, second, and third winner of the challenge based on following components:

a. Persuasiveness

b. Attractiveness

c. Creativity

d. Data validity

e. Relevance to Energy Efficiency and Energy Awareness

9. The jury’s decision is final and irrevocable.

10. The Competition Secretariat will pick 1 favorite winner based on popularity rate of the video.

11. The popularity rate will be taken from how many people “like” the video in the competition Facebook account (Energy Champion 2012). The video will be uploaded in the competition Facebook account and the Competition Secretariat will only count the “like”. The participants are encouraged to promote their video among their friends.




 Please register your team to Competition Secretariat email address at: and send your video to:


Home and School Energy Champion 2012 Competition Secretariat


Gedung Annex Lantai 5

DirjenKetenagalistrikan KESDM

Jl. HR Rasuna Said Kav. 07-08, Blok X-2

Kuningan, Jakarta Selatan


The video must be burned in a CD and sent together with:

(1)    copy of the Student ID Card

(2)    scenario and credit (if any)

(3)    printed bio data of all team members. Below is the example of the bio:




Name of team

Video Kids

Full name of member and Age

Willy Wonka (16)


Charlie Factory (17)


Alice Wonder Land (16)

School Origin

Oompa School

Contact Name

Willy Wonka

Email and Ph. Number, +62816666000

Title of the video

Daddy Cool and Alice

Type of video


Scenario and Credit




Daddy, daddy, Cool. (Song:  Boney M. Your Crazy like a fool, bye, bye, daddy cool)

Daddy Cool, is a man of a certain status, but slightly awkward in his appearance, a bit too fat, a bit out of fashion.


He has no concerns for wasting energy and the same can be said about the family in general.

His youngest daughter, Alice, (wonderland) has become an Energy Warrior at school and are very dedicated to Energy Saving.

She is a cute little thing, with a nice pink dress a ribbon in her long black hair, an absolutely dandy little thing, daddy’s girl.  She is also spoiled and daddy gives her almost everything if she just put on her cutie face.


Episode 1: Daddy Cool learns to turn off the light in the bathroom

Daddy is coming home from work, tired; he goes to the bathroom, turns on the light and leaves it again without switching the light of.

Alice goes to the bathroom, opens the door and discovers that the light is on. She swiftly closes the door again and goes into the living room where daddy is now laying on the couch relaxed reading a newspaper.


Alice: “Daddy”

Daddy Cool:  an un concentrated..”Yeees”!

Alice: “Daadddy”! Slightly annoyed!

Daddy:  “Yes, my dear, what is it”?

Alice: “Daddy, please come” …


Daddy Cool puts reluctantly the newspaper away, get up of the sofa, and follow Alice through the corridor to the bathroom door.


Alice looks up at Daddy Cool and says with a patronizing demanding voice: “Daddy, open the door”!

Daddy Cool looks a bit like Okay, Okay and takes a big breath. He opens the door, and indicates a “What now”? with his hand.

Alice responds: “Look…. Do you see anything wrong with this bathroom”?

Daddy Cool looks, enter into the bathroom, flush the toilet , nothing is wrong.

Alice says, shaking her head in grief: “Daddy, Daddy, Daddy Cool”….. (Raising her index finger towards him) “YOU FORGOT TO SWITCH OFF THE LIGHT”!

Daddy Cool switches of the light and says: “Okay, okay, I’ll remember the light next time”!

Alice: “Then you are still my best Daddy and Cool”


Close up of a very content looking Alice!




The Competition Secretariat must receive the video before21st of June2012 (6 pm). The Secretariat will reject any video that arrives after the deadline.



The prizes for this competition are :


1st prize: Rp 6.000.000,00

2nd prize: Rp 4.000.000,00

3rd prize: Rp 2.000.000,00



For further information about the challenge, pleaseemail to :


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