Untuk semua siswa dari sekolah-sekolah yang berpartisipasi dalam “Home and School Energy Champion 2012” yuk ikut  RADIO COMMERCIAL COMPETITION!!

Tema : “Energy Efficiency for Everyone”


The challenge:

In this challenge, the student will make an audio advertisement promoting Energy Efficiency. The theme of the challenge is “Energy Efficiency for Everyone”. The radio commercial can be made in Bahasa or English.

The commercial might include music, conversation, slogans, and promoting components. The commercial could be in the following formats: (1) Dialogue with sound effects/music in the background; (2) voiced by two or more personalities, or (3) monologue (where vocal talent portrays a character). The best commercial must fulfill these criteria: persuasiveness, creativeness, and catchiness.

Rules and Prerequisites

1. The Radio Commercial competition is for students only (elementary, junior high or high school students).

2. The challenge is open for any student enrolled in Jakarta and Greater Jakarta area

3. Each participant is allowed to submit only one radio commercial

4. The Participants must submit a scan of their student ID, together with their radio commercial record in the form of MP3 and send it to the Competition Secretariat.

5. The Competition Secretariat will only receive the final results of the record in the form of an MP3 file before the deadlines.

6. The radio commercial record should not exceed 3 minutes duration. The ideal duration is 30 seconds-1,5 minutes.

7. The student is allowed to use known music or songs. However, the student must respect the copyright of the music by reporting the title and songwriter/singer of the music they use.

8. The Secretariat has the right to copy, publish and distribute the radio commercial for official use respecting the moral rights of the Participants.

9. The winner’s radio commercial will have the possibility to be aired on the media partner of the Home and School Energy Champion 2012 which is Green Radio 89,2 FM.

10. The jury’s decision is final and irrevocable.



The commercial must be sent together with scanned copy of the Student ID Card (if any), transcript, and a simple bio data. Below is the example of the bio:

Full Name

Muhammad Kay

School Origin

SMA N 1 Blora



Home Address

Jl. Kenari, No. 28, Salemba Raya, Jakarta

Contact Name

Mr. Bob Kay

Contact Phone Number

+62865 768 xxx


Used Music Title and Composer

“Dynamite”, Taio Cruz



The participant should choose the delivery of the commercial to the Competition’s Secretariat among two options:

  1. The participants send the commercial (MP3 file) together with scanned Student ID Card and bio data to: The subject of the email is “Radio Commercial Challenge”.
  2. The participants burn the radio commercial into CD and send it together with copy of Student ID Card and bio data to the Competition Secretariat’s address at:



Gedung Annex 5th floor

Direktorat Jenderal Ketenagalistrikan, Kementerian ESDM

Jl.H.R.Rasuna Said Blok X – 2 Kav 07 – 08,

Kuningan, Jakarta 12950


The Radio Commercial must be sent before 24th of May 2012 (6 pm). The Secretariat will reject any commercial that arrives after the deadline.


The prizes for this competition are :

1st prize : Ipod Touch 32 GB

2nd prize : Ipod Touch 8 GB

3rd prize : Ipod Nano 8 GB



For further information about the challenge, kindly listen to Green Radio 89,2 FM every Monday at 03.00-04.00 PM or contact Ms. LarasLarasati at +62817746600 or email


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